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Friday, February 28th, 2003

lots a going

Very Busy with all of this, Been flyering and pushing for our show tomorow. I typed up all the lyrics for the new c.d. today. Feel energized and productive today. Jesse and I are trying to get everything together for the c.d. Time is short, but I feel we can do it before I split TOWN. Met with the very talented Patty for illustrations/ cover art. Feeling a bit overwhelmed but the good kind because there is much going on. When I write next we would have already played our somewhat shady show with Japanther. Peace, noT War. MDUB

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Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

First entry, update

Hey all, just recorded our third album on feb 18th after a huge snow storm dumped 2+ feet of snow on the big apple. Jesse and I are extatic about the results. Really getting reinspired about things. In the band and life. Getting ready to split from this city of 8 million for the spring, hoping to recharge the batteries, things can get quite exausting here. Talking about a summer tour and shows for when I come back to NYC/ east coast in June. Upcoming show with Japanther and red card on March 1 could be excellent. A little concerned about the space, but hope the Rock will make it all okay. Peace, D. zORTON

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