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Friday, March 28th, 2003


It just became my Birthday 2 hours ago. One day you are graduating high school and the next you are pushing 30. The mini tour went well. None of the shows saw the brilliance I had hoped for. It was still fun and I feel like we gelled more and more as the nights went on. our return/last show in brooklyn at the Stinger went swell. I feel like we had finally hit our stride, The barbarism oozed from every note, ZILOPSDGIED. c.d. won't be ready for a bit still. Already starting plans for our return c.d. release party. Still gearing up for the west coast. Our Army's invasion of Iraq continues, were beginning the sickening grind towards Baghdad. It could still be a while yet. that is all for music and more. d.z..

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Thursday, March 20th, 2003

operation "Iraqi Freedom"

God, I can't believe that it has begun. Well, here we go. The name of the Operation is what really pisses me off. Let's be honest, The president and U.S. government does not give 2 craps about the Iraqi people. I can't believe they disguise this as a humanitarian effort. Humanitarian effort to "Free" Iraq is just about 20 years and millions of people too late. Sorry to get all political but this is just so LAME.

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2003

crazy times, crazy me

Well, any time now the president will give the order to unleash hell on earth on the people of Iraq. This is pure madness. At this point there is no possible way of avoiding this dubious act, pretty much no matter what, we are going to go though with this. Bush has stated one thing and then another changing the rules of play until a feeling of inevitability has taken hold and the whole country is force fed this "Get your war on" Bravado.It is nausiatingly clear that this has been planned for a while by bush and many who came before him. 911 is the Catylyst that was needed to get the Rally cry going again. Many feel Bush is to blame, this is only partly true. I am no fan of this dollheaded dolt but this has been going on long before him and to give him credit of such a calculated plan is giving him too much credit. After all, clinton Bombed Iraq when he was caught with his pants down. He went along with things for 8 years with out changing anything. Party lines are blurry nowadays and if anyone thinks that things would be much different had Gore gotten into the white house after the Shadyist election in U.S. history there giving him and the Democratic party too much credit. We are just way too powerfull and pretty much anyone who gets to make the decisions of the country as the president has too much to lose by relenquishing any of the all extending power that the U.S. has.
On a different note, I slept through practice yesterday. I slept into the night, Just too tired to get up. It is too bad about practice, felt bad for doing so. we could have used it for our upcoming 4 shows in 5 days extravaganza. C.D progress goes slower than I had hoped. I kinda knew that would happen. Still hoping it will be done by early April when I leave to S.F. Drafted up flyers for our Brooklyn show next tuesday. It would be good to get a good crowd for our goodbye till summer show. The Sunday night show at O'Briens in Allston is a bit of a mess, only 2 confirmed acts so far, hope it will all come together. Starting to actualy plan out a August tour to the midwest and Back. Starting to stress about leaving NYC and finding places for all my stuff. That is it for now. peace from NYC (THE SKETCHIEST PLACE IN amERICA TO BE RIGHT NOW). d.z.

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2003


A spring like day in Nyc today. One of those days that you feel like everything is a-ok and you anticipate days that it does not hurt to walk home. Recieved all the art work from Patty and my lovely gal pal yuki yesterday for the upcoming c.d.(The Endless retreat) Really looking foreward to this thing coming out. I think it will be at the duplication company by the time I leave town. Hopes for a c.d. release before I leave have been dashed on the rocks of realism and time management. The Japanther show went swell, good show by all the bands and good turn out. Too bad about the Publik house being soooo afraid of noise complaints. Just resting up before we explode with 4 shows if 5 days later this month. Still No War and NYC still stands, knock on moniter.

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