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Monday, April 28th, 2003

west coast town, Barbarian down

the days have started the dangerous pattern of bleeding into eachother. There is usually a cafe involved like the one I am writing this from. There is also a good deal of walking on a daily basis. I feel like at this point I can get around this place pretty well. Despite these attempts to discourage any mental or bodily stagnation i know i am not making the best of my time here. when a Barbarian is far from home, and there are few Zortons around he craves the structure that he often resents in more structured times. I am enjoying myself, but we've reached the time where it is a very long vacation. I need some cash but this city shows some of the financial devastation that MDUB has been surrounded by in some of their jaunts to the has-been idustrial towns of the north east. There is hope on the way for our Barbaric protagonist. My partner in crime has beamed the sound fury discs from 3000 miles away through the postal service. Once they get to the city by the bay they can be sent to all parts of this vast country to people who may find the beauty of it all and assist us in getting "The endless retreat" out there. With assistance or not, I am hell bent on getting those brutal little discs ready by the time we rock the Stinger. Mazing Vids are in for that show, it could be a wicked evening. I also begin work tommorow which should soften the financial blow of all this free time.I'm enjoying times with our west coast representative the lovely Yuki Zorton. I just need some earthly cash to ease the mind. After all 2003 is all about the money. ZXARILD, d.z.

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003

West coast, With my mind on my money

Arrived here just over 1 week ago. Kind of still getting settled in but enjoying things thus far. The weather is spectacular, it is like springtime everyday. Starting a possible job on saturday. Played my Bass for the first time in a while, last night. I am not sure if it is from the bus trip or pre-existing damage from NY but i need to give the Samick a little TLC. Have 2 new songs to work out before my return. I just helped IFIHADAHIFI on tour from wisconsin get a show at Stinger. Got ourselves a show there in the end of june. Hoping the c.d. will be pressed by then. Jesse and myself have been sending it to smaller labels in hopes of getting help with it. That's pretty much what's going on right now. Peace to the East. d.z.

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