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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003

settling in, california style

I've been here for almost a month now, or i'm about half way through my visit, How time flies. Abyway, i've been working which is actually really great in that it introduces a bit of structure into my life here. I work in a cafe, making less money than I should but at least it's a job. I actually have an interview today with another place. I just moved to another apartment (my 2nd) and will be here for the durration of my visit. I've been a bad barbarian, My bass has been neglected. I strung up a busted string and then while tuning the fucked up instrument snapped another, Something is definatly wrong with it. On the good side, I've sent off numerous packages of our forth coming c.d. to labels and interested parties. The album sounds great and i would like to think that someone will want to pick it up/help out, but these things are tricky. Just solidified our return show, Mazing vids and the wobblies will be rockin' th Stinger with us. I'm looking foreward to that, it should be a really great show. Things go well out here, i'm liking it quite a bit but also look foreward to returning to nyc and very interesting possibilities for MDUB. Kind of out of touch with what goes on this world, hope all in the news is not so bad.

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