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Saturday, August 16th, 2003

tour update, Gets weirder, 1 less show, Oasis in Madison

8-14, Left our pals in Muncie behind and headed out on the hour and change drive to Indianapolis. Our old friend, the rain made another appearance followed shortly there after by it's pal traffic. An hour passes by easilly before we reach Indy. The Mapquest directions which have done us right to this point lead us down the wrong path and leave MDUB circling around the city limits looking for the right way.Finally, Solidarity books is found and the crankiness from the lengthy drive subsides. The feeling we get from solidarity is very warm, we are looking foreward to playing when the Police raid showing the 2 man noise train that the tour can indeed get more random. The Venue is cleared out of people.The uncooperative Police, Fire, ATF, Emergency response units fail to really explain why they are raiding the Anarchist book store at 9pm on a thursday. Cars are threatened to be towed but are ticketed for the rarely enforced offense of being more than 1 ft. from the curb. The officials are so Brashly cocky that it makes one very impatient to deal with them,. When asked why the Atf was called in? one senior fire official responded "whenever i call them in, they buy me a steak dinner, i was hungry so I called them along". when a photographer was asked why pictures were being taken of all the ticketed cars they responded "for fun": Exchanges like this boiled the blood and made one ponder bad thoughts. Anyway, the show was cancelled which was a shame since everyone was pretty wriled up but certainly understandable. Oh how we weeped for INDY. After the debachle, we hooked up with a fellow Solidarity witness, Derek of the band "Mara Akate". We were taken to his house, showed great hospitality and spent the night there far enough from the stink of the capital.
8-15- Left the nice, knowledgeable and accomplished Derek behind. Got caught in the octopus like Gridlock of the Windy city before arriving to Madison, Wi. staying here with an old friend and fellow Zor-Ton. Our second night off in a row which is nice in a lot of ways but financially. Looking foreward to getting back to it tommorow.

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003

Tour Update continued, lost souls in Columbus. Surreal Muncie

8-11-The rain continued to make an appearance as we headed out to Ohio. We are still financially still ahead of the game, do in large part to the generosity of people . Arrived in Columbus to some of the heaviest rains i've ever seen. Found Bernies (divey basement filled with some true Columbus Charecters.) Played on a bill with 2 out of town bands and us , playing last. Kind of a frusterating gig. played well but felt fairly pointless, A definate low point.
8-12- Saved on expenses thanks to food payment for the previous evening's performance. Have a great Nap on the OSU campus. Again a frusterating show, Does anyone think before they book?. We played alright, the High five could be a really great place for us to play. Again a fairly empty show. Columbus is a definate low as we stay in the car for a second night in a row. Both Barbarians are a bit defeated.
8-13- Leave Columbus behind, drive through cornfields to get to Muncie. We both get a good feeling as we arrive at 525 Wheeling to play the magnificently Random house venue. Open arms are extended and hospitality is granted as we play a good show in the basement with another Highlight, Muncie Mathy, noise rock Saababanks. Given a place to stay, treated well and bare witness to an odd, impromptu kitchen theatre into the late, late hours. We head to INDY tonight. MAD props to 525 in Muncie, a home away from home.

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Tour Update, midway point.

Well, we've been out now for just under a week and we've played 6 shows, going to our 7th tonight. Here is what has gone down so far
Aug 8th- Kicked off the Tour by heading to Friendly South eastern, Mass. Kicked it off NEw Bedford style. Plagued by technical Gremlins as we sometimes are. Struggled through an oft interupted set, the retreat was truly on. Finished strong but dissapointment came through. The Visa Mastercad liars brought their shambolic, clangy rock to top off an odd evening.
Aug 9th- played the cruise inn in Buffalo. Basically were on a crazilly mismatched bill.Played with a slew of Hardcore/metal bands. I don't think they knew what to think of us. We played really well, discovered how the technical problems could be avoided. Made a few friends, slept in Niagra falls (in the car). Ditched smelly sneakers that had been the bane of the tour thus far.
Aug 10th-Headed to pitt. Played at this tiny spot called Howler's with really great band called BenQuick. Booking was such that few people came, still had fun and played really well. Made some more friends. Stayed at Jesse's family's place on beds(great)

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003

Long Time, Lots going on

Well, I'd be a liar if I told The Blog that I've been great about keeping my posts up. While i was in San Fran after I'd already slacked on this, The Blog was inexplicably Stolen for a few days. San Fran. was great, I was Glad I did it, It was a nice get away from Hectic NYC. Two Days after returning, I was working, Full back in the swing of life. MDUB has been going great, The record finally came out looking and sounding great. The tour finally came together with 13 shows in 16 days (not bad). We even have a New song, and T-Shirts. Leaving tommorow feeling both Nervous and terribly excited. The First show in New Bedford (the crazy place i spent years of my life in) will be filled with old friends which is always the best. After the hecticness of Tour Planning, Hard Job, and the Lovely Y.Z visiting NYC for a month, I'm looking foreward to getting out on the Road and getting away, doing something I love. Hope to Write on The road updates. Love, D.Z.

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