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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

past update, Recent goings ons

So, Let me first start by going back to 8-24- I slept late, The drive from Richmond on the 23rd took all day as the grid lock octopus extended it's powerfull grip all the way to Virginia. That evening we played at Sin-e With The theatrics of a completely unhinged Dynamite club, An angular and Jerky Drayton Saweyer Gang and The hot electro punk of Semiautomatic. We represented well playing a good albeit too short set . The problem was the turn out, as is often the case when you get Brooklyn bands to play in Manhattan it is hard to Bring people out. Despite the actual distance being quite minimal, There is a mental block that prevents folks from venturing across the river. The show was a great one with compatiable, like minded bands. I decided that night, not to play manhattan for the rest of the year.
Post Tour life has continued on. it was hard to come back from the freedom of playing music and travelling around this crazy country of ours. My life in this city is settling back down. For the first time in a while my living situation seems stable and I feel like I'm beginning here again for the 3rd or 4th time. Fall has started to Creep in which is great, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Our next show takes place on Oct. 11th, I think I just got the line up solidified but it was not an easy show to organize. The line up promises to be interesting, We once again team up with Drayton Sawyer, help out our friends Giant haystacks and play for the first time with another Brooklyn Duo. The mysterious "psychos'.
Last night I went to The lightning bolt, Plate techtonics, Friends forever show. I was not sure if I would make it out, it being on the tale end of my hellish weekend work extravaganza. I went. Lightning Bolt has gotten so big, they have been big for a while now but it seemed like there were alot of folks who were seeing them for the first time. It was a total mob scene as I knew it would be. Perhaps it was the tiredness, but I was not as Swept up as I had been by previous shows I had seen of them even a few years ago. Afterwards, everyone ventured out 3 blocks away to a quiet Greenpoint side street where friends forever were set to play. This was fun, I was tired, not feeling super festive but I had heard enough about these guys to know that they should not be missed. Complete with Fire works, silly props and a theatric element, these crazy bastards did a whole rock set out of there van. Of course it was not long before the police came but the show plowed on. With everyone crowded around the VW van it felt like the police presence could not stop the fun. It was one of the performances in recent times that reinspired me to continue on. These guys were no doubt going to get into trouble but they pushed on, it was that important to them. Anyway, the show finally ended all the 100+ people went home and the party had ended, all on a crazy Mon. night in Brooklyn. For me, friends forever had stolen the show.

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Update; Welcome back to NYC and some recent stuff.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2003

Oh the Blog, I typed in an update that did'nt work, lets see now

Thought it was all set, Don't know. Before a log entry did not take. okay, lots has happened since the last entry.
8-21- Woke up in Raleigh, had breakfast at the very southern Watkins Grill. I even enjoyed my omelette over the watchfull gaze of the portait of Nathaniel Bedford Forrest. Jesse and I headed through all of Virginia to get to Baltimore, The whole drive we would bring up our humerous concern of the nights gig. Upon Arriving at the Brass Monkey, our fears were realized as we were told that all of the other bands were not coming that night, Leaving us hundreds of miles from home as the only draw for the night. At one point we were asked if we still wanted to play, Yes we had 3 people out to see us. The show went on, We played well but it was understandably hard to get into it. We stayed with a fellow ZorTon in Arlington, Va.

8-22-watched T.v for all too long, Finally losing our sensative souls to the mind claiming box. We drove to Richmond and found Artspace, met with our pals Them Vs. Them and settled in. TVT played a great moody instrumental set to set the night off. With intentions made not to Blast everyone out of the Cavernous space we tried to play some of our quieter stuff, it was a good albeit uneventfull show. it suddenly became apparent that the out of state shows were over, The tour had come to a close.

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

lets try an update

8-16- Rocked Madison as a part of the Blues Anchor Inn 1 year anniversary show. WE thought it was funny that we should play there since we were from out of town and all. We played first and put on a great show. The audience response was very positive and encouraging.WE closed out the Bar bonding with the owner after the night spiraled into the debauch we thought it would. A great night, perhaps a turning point for the tour.

8-18 After another day of rest in our Midwestern Oasis, We hit the road and headed to the gateway to the west. Upon arriving at the Lemp arts center in The south side of St. Louis we met the hospitable and knowlegable owner, Mark. Soon, the music was on with local post punk political Rockers the Adversary Workers getting the small but enthusiastic crowd into it. St. Louis was the best show of the tour for us. We played a brutal set surrounded by kids standing on the floor infront of us. A definate high point.

8-19- Left St. louis behind and headed to Louisille. Kind of an off night for us. The room and crowd was weird, I felt a bit inhibited, met some nice folks but it was not a perfect match.

8-20 woke up early, left Louisville after some good diner food and plunged into Appalacia for our most brutal day of driving of the tour. After driving all day, we rolled into Raleigh, found kings. A good bill all around. Openers Mothlight spun their intricate songs to please the ears follewd by the Horror movie theatrics of Bostonians Guarenteed Catch. We played a brutal set. Not a great technical set but Brutal, Brutal. Broke a Bass string but plugged on plowing through our sound fury to all who would listen. Our Pal the torch Marauder took the stage next bringing the night to an interesting performance, lo tech creshendo.

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