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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003


Okay, first things first, in reference to my previous entry, there are bad venues, there are differences. we showed to the gig, there were some equipment problems. J.z. beamed his way back to the MDUB compound and returned with the necessary sound equipment. The show was already behind schedule as we worked to get the place ready. This is when the real barbarians invaded, These Monsters led by this blue shirted bohemoth came in off the street talking about these artist types they hated. The beligerent animals preceded to intimidate/ harass and push their way into combat with one of the kids who was there for the show. The next thing I knew this poor kid had his face smashed by this cretin and fled the bane of humanity with a shattered nose. Finally these miserable beasts saddled with their emotional baggage took their brutal freak show elsewhere. The show after several uneasy/ surreal moments continued. All the bands played really great. I was very happy/impressed with the bill, the venue was the pitts but everyone pushed together in the small back room making the best of it and the bands played with incredible energy face to face with the small but great crowd. We were on, For awhile I did'nt even feel like playing but in the end I just wanted to burn though a short but frantic set which we acheived. The end of the night left me drained, I felt somewhat responsible for all the madness that surrounded the show. The whole thing still doesn't feel real. All this came to past in the wild west of North Greenpoint. You have good ones, bad ones and ugly ones. This show was a bit of all 3. d.z.

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Saturday, October 11th, 2003

Big Trouble in little Poland

Greenpoint Brooklyn is Little poland, it's also where I live. Weeks like this make me wonder why doing this has to be so hard sometimes. The Venue "Ivy South" cancelled the show for tommorow earlier this week, which screwed the show/promotion. I then got a new Venue, dive bar in my neighborhood to put it on. Bands cancelled today, the day before the event screwing the show more than it was before. Excuses were made but in reality, it's because of the venue. The problem with the NYC scene is also what's wrong with new york as a whole. Everyone looks out for themselves and to hell with others. Instead of Rallying together and making this show the best they could considering the circumstances people jumped ship because Tommy's Tavern isn't cool enough. Cool schmool, why are we in this Kids? Is it because we make so much money? Is it because it's soo worth it lugging equipment/ dealing with promotion, the bookers and all the creeps that make it hard? If you break it down to the "is it worth it?", in many criteria, the answer is no. The Reason why we do it is because we like to play/express/perform. Whether that's with bands you want to play with at Luxx, North 6, Bowery Ballroom or Tommy's tavern it ultimately does not matter. The Bill/ line up was the same, only the scenery changed. Ultimately that's all it is, is scenery for the bands because honestly not many people really notice or care where we play. In other words, the dreamworld of some big shot who's gonna give you a record deal or even your friend of a friend who kind of knows you and may become your fan , writing you off because you play the obscuro tavern does not exist. there are thousands of bands here, none of us are that important. This whole thing has been dissapointing

Anyway, Red Card has stayed in and pals Dynamite Club, a band that has a great attitude have agreed the day before to hop on/help out. The show is later on tonight, We are gonna try to pull this thing together. Should still be good. I'm looking foreward to playing, I'm pretty positive about where we are right now. The venue is a hoot, it will probably be somehow, quite memorable. d.z

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

Fall is here/hear

The opressive summer has once again passed away, thankfully. There is a real chill in the air, making everything feel clean and new, I love it. MDUB is getting ready to crawl from there slumber. A bunch of shows are lining up for the next 2 months making it a busy time for the dynamic duo. 2 new songs are more or less ready, We've been ironing out a moody, somewhat compilcated (for us) number that i'm pretty excited about. Hoping reviews start popping up for all the "endless retreat" cds I sent out for consideration. Signing a housing lease which ties me here for another year, Let's hope i make it. Checking out the UDET/ Turing machine show tonight. Love and brisk weather to all. d.z

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