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Saturday, November 15th, 2003

Winter is coming, life is changing.

Kind of alot going on right now, our practice space has been temporarilly taken away for a few weeks as we battle the neighbors about sound issues. I've taken the opportunity to write a little more and I'm pretty happy with the new material. Upcoming show at a new space is all set, it will be us and locals "Bat eats plastic". The Groundwork for a very Busy febuary is being laid down a tour down the east coast possibly preceded by another northern jaunt. is in the, we've got a few shows lined up for the tour, places we've played before which I guess is a good sign. On the personal front, longtime relationship kind of ending/weird right now. oh how that distance can work it's magic, frown. gave a random phone interview with a small brooklyn paper today. A few reviews have poppped up, very interesting comments, not all good of course but that's why we do this. keep retreating, keep working.

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