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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003


well, lots going on in the past 6 weeks. as the fingers take to the keyboard there is still a fine blanket of white stuff blanketing the concrete jungle I call home. The snow fell all during this past weekend dumping 6+ inches on the city. We had our show on Friday at the new space, matchless in Greenpoint with Bat Eats Plastic. Considering everything, it was kind of nice. The draw was pretty low but the brave souls that had made it out that night seemed to enjoy it alright. The space is set up very oddly, if it was laid out differently it would suit the live bands better. Bat Eats plastic bring a very real, unpretentious attitude to their minimal music which is refreshing in the too cool for school place we live, good people. We played well, it was an appropriatly lower key/ slightly inhibitted performance which made sense giving the night/ line up/ crowd ect..
Reviews have been creeping in a few a week, For the most part they have been positive. There have been no glowing responses but that is almost expected. Many don't know quite what to think of the noise train's strange approach. The thing i'm realizing more and more is that there is no account for taste. some earthen Folks biggest critisms in one review have been others highest accolades in others. Over all it has been very interesting to get all the input about the thing we do and some reviews have brought on some chuckles. The word is getting out, we are laying down the groundwork for the take over in the year of the Barbarian (2004).
Gone to a few shows lately, saw u.s. maple last night at the knitting factory. I still don't know what to think of them, I guess i don't really like them musically but there willingness to mess with the flow and rythm of the show and their songs was both insanely frusterating and great to see. They carry themselves live with the same kind of intensity/attitude of getting warmed up, starting to really rock then falling off into meandering doodling and on stage bickering. If you have no idea what i'm talking about, it is worth it to check them out. Unfortunatly, i missed Parts and labor, a great local band and Need New Body, who i've been curious about for awhlie now. Also, just before thanksgiving I made it out to catch usaisamonster on a rainy night in the hood. I've also been meaning to check them out, The show got shutdown quick, too loud but I guess i found them interesting. I sort of have the same critisms of them as i do of Lightning bolt. They play this sort of noise based music coming from virtuoso metal that i'm not fully in love with. Both bands have great live energy but there is alot of usage of these old school guitar/ bass work that actually in a way is not fresh/new but again this is one's opinion.
Thanksgiving was swell, it was great to head north to the Barbarian friendly Mass. and see all the Earthen realitives and friends who make you feel good about people again. This last time up i've realized that most of my very closest friends are still there. In other words for the past years of living here, i've not made the same connections as i have with the people from the north, For the most part. Eventually when this mission is ended i will wind up there

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