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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

So Much, where do i begin?

i've been pretty awful at keeping the Blog up but here goes an update of all things MDUB and a few things me aswell, sure why not? As all small talk is started with, the weather has been brutal. It has captured NYC in it's wicked grasp and has been punishing all 8 million of us with rough winds and sidewalks of ice. It's almost as cold as the home planet, almost!!!
The tour, well it goes pretty nicely, there are still 2 dates we are trying for but I hope that things will come in. every time i get anxious, i remember there was a similar state of things around this time in August when we were preparing to lay seige to the Midwest. I will be updating the shows page with all the dates in the next few weeks. It seems that the quality level of the upcoming shows on this tour are a bit higher than the last, i've got a really good feeling about it.
Speaking of quality of shows, we are gearing up to play Brooklyn this sat. Despite a whole lot of complications involving the line up/planning, we are pushing foreward, it'll be good to play again. We've not been the best with practicing lately, that's not to be worried over, some of the best shows come when we're loosy goosey and just burning through the set as we probably will on sat. The whole putting shows together has gotten harder as of late both with bands and venues, i've been getting a bit frusterated.There's always the spring.
reviews have been consistently trickiling in at a rate of about 1 a week. Some of the bad are really laughable, you've got to find them for yourselves, and of course the good ones are nice but most times at the end of reading one I find myself scratching my head, What did that mean?they can be vauge and meaningless, almost not worth the postage.
Ah, looking back on the holidays, as i get older I appreciate family more, I think your 20's are a really funny time for family relations. There are still the strong urges to be independent, on your own and i find there is an urge to distance oneself. But as you creep towards 30 (in human years) you find a new appreciation for all that stuff and it becomes nice again.
New years was just fantastic, I was so sick of that holiday/trying to find something fun to do but the last few have been really nice/memorable. Yuki has alot to do with it. Yuki Zorton is a true Barbarian in human's clothing, It's just really great to be around someone you connect with on a really nice level. Her and 3 of my best NYC friends including fellow zorton Danny faces (the inspiration to come to this beast of a city) raced around the south west, saw beautiful Bryce Canyon, lost money in vegas, took advantage of buffets, saw 5 simultaneous fireworks displays. Saw some of the most beautiful sights and the worst of human nature. It was an incredible albeit exausting journey. Back to work i've been trying to be a model employee before i ripple the waters again by going on tour. It ain't always easy trying to do what you want in life. That's all for now, Stay warm

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