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Friday, February 13th, 2004

sh!!.... it's around the corner

Well, ready or not here we go, Jesse and I leave on tour in about 30 hours and I really should be asleep now getting my much needed shut eye stock pile before we hit the road. No other shows came in... It's pretty dissapointing having 2 days off on a 9 day tour but oh well, we tried. I remain very optimistic about the shows that we do have scheduled, i think this will be really nice. We are heading out with plenty of endless retreat's and a few t's but not much new material since we did this in august, but i guess you don't need to re-invent the wheel (hehehe) oh yeah! we are bringing a limited re-issue of our famed "live at 16 bits" album for the unsespecting folks on the road. That is the one dissadvantage of keeping such busy lives and not the best practice schedule, is that it takes a long time to produce and sharpen material. I've got lyrics and song ideas floating around in my cabeza, it's harder to iron them out into an actual; breathing song. My hope is that after the Tour we can pound some of these things out.
Our last show up in the North of Bean town went really nicely. Bad weather came along and made both Jesse and I a little less convinced about the whole driving all that way for 1 show thing. But we plugged on stating "barbarians don't cancel shows". We both ate a beladona laiden Cinnamon roll, for 1 hour into the trip we were both battling Mr. Sandman. We took shifts and beat the carbo crash making it to mass. on time. The event itself went off really nicely. All the performers were great. We were a bit of the musical odd balls and kind of felt like we were going to be hated as we began to play but the crowd was very supportive. . We once again got the "quiet down" by another alternative venue, This is/ has been a re-occuring problem with the non rock club venues as settings for our caucophany. Not that i'm complaining, there are plenty of annonying things that come with playing the more conventional clubs. Later that night we actually heard our set of the night on a pirate radio station as we left town.
We headed back to the sticks of Mass. to our friends and fellow Barbarians steve and sarah's house where we had to abondon our car on their street "ice road" cause we just could not make it up a hill.This was after doing a slow motion 90 degree "c.h.i.p.s" spin out on the ice rink of a street. the next morning it was back to work for me in NYC. Not really much else to report, I'll try to give the up to date tour stuff when i can. Take care out there and if you can see us, get out there. Love, MDUB

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Friday, February 6th, 2004

3-2-1 Blast off & Lungfish, parts and labor....

Business is right around the corner. Tommorow we head
to Boston to play the Kaberet das 16 bit show with
Robotzen and others. The show itself looks really
great, there are logistical concerns but i guess time
will tell. 1 week later we head down south for the
"retreat continues" tour, there are still 2 holes that
havn't been filled. But despite those days off, The
year of the Barbarian has begun. Sent out promo stuff
to free press and radio, hopefully it will help expose
the sound fury to the people. 2 of our last reviews
have been the most positive yet, i'm kind of surprised
by how many have actually panned out and
positively.spring seems not far off now that the harsh
deep freeze has subsided a bit. Our last show here at
Lucky cat went alright, it was closed down early, MDUB
just rocked too loud. After a bit of technical
rockiness we brought the fury out but After 20 furious
mins we were cut off, guess we found another venue
that won't have us back. we've just started on spring
stuff for NYC. i'm kind of looking foreward to just
playing shows, less organizing ect. that has gotten
rough lately. Work has been fairly brutal. it'll be
nice to get away again, if only touring could go on
more, if only there were not so many bills.

Wound up going to the Lungfish, parts and Labor show tonight, it was really enjoyable. Went with an old aquaintance/new friend, the whole night was really pleasant. PandL just seem to be getting better, no singing tonight, there music is mostly instrumental/electronic but is pushed along live with great energy. When Lungfish took to the stage, North 6 was already heating up. by the end the crowd was a sweating, swaying mass. The show tonight really topped their show back in the spring in S.F. they just win me over with their inherent oddball likeability. Their songs often consist of one repeating guitar line but it works and just did'nt get old. Also I love the fact that there getting on in years but still plug away and seem like they're really enjoying it, for the love of the thing. They had technical problems and stopped playing but folks hung around, captivated despite the fact they had already played awhile. they then went back and played the song that was interupted by said problems, god i loved that show. a good show is nice inspiration, tonight i sleep happily

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