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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Working stiff/ spring vs. winter/ Excitement soon

Yesterday was one of those rough soul wrenching days. As many who know me know My time here on earth is a work filled existance. I keep busy on the regular and don't complain too much about anything. Yesterday however caught me on the end of a rough grinding stretch of late nights followed by early work shifts and many hours spent on my feet on the clock. I can't even go into specifics, it was just this maddening feeling i got from nothing going as it should at the restaurant. my patience was no doubt running low when i pried my eyes open and struggled out the door for the fourth early start in a row that was preceded by shifts the night before. I got through it but i was in rare form, i mean i must have been truly unpleasant to be around for several hours as the struggle of me against me ensued. The end of the day and really the whole preceding brutality of the weekend stretch left me feeling brain damaged-stupid. You just think, "is all this time for money exchange ever really worth it?" i also think of all the energy i've poured into this profession over the years and think about what it's been for. I guess there is and should be a pride in whatever we do here. sometmes it's just hard to see beyond the sickening deja vu of repetitous acts like cleaning chicken breast or those endless bags of onions that keep arriving in my life no matter how many that i've personally sliced and diced. In that regard work is kind of like a horror movie. No matter how many times you do x task, x task keeps popping up again needing to be done once more, it's in the very nature of so many things we do, be it filing papers or pouring concrete, making soups or counting cash. Everything we do takes something out of us and isn't it funny that we often spend more time with co-workers than we do with loved ones.

Today I was able to sleep off the brain damage and awoke somewhat replenished. Outside winter raged. Just when the young up and comer spring had the tired champ of winter on the ropes winter has come back with a surprise hibernial uppercut in the form of a small snow storm that is in the process of dumping more white stuff on our fair city as I write this. We are expected to get 3-5 inches which is really funny considering that all this week and through yesterday i was wearing a spring jacket and feeling fine. It's nice to see winter get a nice last harrah before being ushered off for another year but I don't think i'll miss this tenacious champ.

Really excited for the Bushwick blast festival that we're playing in. The more I find out about it, the more i'm looking foreward. The bands are great, the venue seems like it's gonna be good. They are having two stages much like I did with the commute fest. so there is no annoying downtime between bands. On the 22nd of april we're set to play 2 shows with Benquick including one at Lit with Bunny brains and it looks like we're doing another mini-tour the next weekend to Providence and then back with humongous in louisville for a derby weekend house party. All these shows seem really high quality and super fun. More soon. D.z

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Friday, March 5th, 2004

update, return to NY

That night we stayed at The humongos compound and attemted to sleep despit the post show shin dig that raged till dawn.

2-21- We got up feeling rough broke bread with humongous and friends and headed out to pittsburgh. Once again, it was early afternoon by the time we were actually rolling down the highway. We finally found "the Eye", The venue that was hosting the heroin awareness show. The space was essentially a giant open warehouse. It was a completely raw space complete with building materials strewn about, it was a perfect setting for the end of the tour, it was as if Barbarians had already ravaged the venue before us. We had barely settled in when it was time to play. After an unusually slow set up we played a really good set. The folks in attendance, many of them young seemed to be into it. it was hard to gauge the sound but i guess it was fine.Pals Ben quick followed it up and rocked out. Glad to have played to a large crowd and for a good cause.
Later that night we rendezvoused with Ben quick for some Brutal famous pamoni's sandwiches.

The next day, after some family vists we headed out to go back to Brooklyn. We got back without incident bringing and end to the "Retreat continues" mini-tour. We had trecked 2700 miles played a weeks worth of shows, made many friends and got out of the city.

The next day a sort of crash came on, that first week i found really hard/ depressing to return to the daily grind of this place. In the past few weeks, things have got a bit better, work has been alright although already the heat in the kitchen is starting to become pretty rough. Tomorow is our first practice since the return, we've got a new song and are sorta making new material a priority. There are a few exciting shows coming up including a festival in Brooklyn with old pals Drayton Sawyer gang and a mad show in April with Ben quick and Bunny Brains at Lit in NYC. Well, it's getting late, ad we've gotta practice so that's it for now.

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004


Well, i tried to give a tour update in Atlanta but the computer ate my entry. Technology has become the modern day dog's when it comes to eating important documents. Has anyone ever really got there homework eaten by a canine? Right, so here is the belated tour entries with the sweat and sound long since dissipated, but i'll try to conjure up the moments that were lived.

2-14- Jesse and I have never been the best at punctuality. By the time we got our lazy asses together, packed the gear and ate a traditional good luck egg sandwich we were definitely behind the 8 ball. It was just past noon when we left the holland tunnel and dived into the industrial cess pool that is east jersey. The valentine's day departure turned out to be a blessing as we raced south with hardly any cars on the road, it was a lazy saturday and we were making great time. We only hit a patch of traffic around d.c. but that was it. We were in the Chapel hill area around 9pm but then got caught in a Griswoldesque highway vortex, we kept turning around, missing exits and getting mighty confused. We finally got to Skylight at around 10pm. The other bands were great but there just seemed to be a bit of energy lacking by all who were there. Our performance was a bit rocky but we pushed on. Even the mighty torch marauder's performance lacked it's normal flair. The show was fine but not extraordinary.

2-15- Had our first day off (is this a tour?) Spent the day with our N.C. barbarian pal,melissa. She was nice enough to provide MDUB a safe house yet again. That night we visited another Barbaric friend, Dean and MDUB spent the night in domestic bliss with his lovely family.That night a snow storm rolled in, so much for the smart idea of heading south for the winter!

2-16 the snow proved to be not much of an issue. That morning we spent time with the kids and MDUB had an impromtu jam session flanked by a 3 and 5 year old, it was hot. we headed down the highway to Hotlanta and found the venue ridiculously early. Lenny's is your classic dive bar, but in the best way possible. We passed time by adding to our growing intestinal distress by wolfing down BBQ and talking to the colorfull locals. Showtime brought on Tualatin, a pretty heavy hard, straight metal band. They were pretty entertaining and closed with a number that droned on this low feedback that shook daddy d's ribs right in my gut. We decided to hit the suprisingly large crowd with our loco set and played a frenetic, noisy, chaos drenched set. the room seemed captivatedbut in the end, the response was fairly luke warm. Brass castle followed us up. A very good bandf, they were fun, enegetic and raucous, this was a good show.

2-17 Another day off !!! Left the hospitality of more barbarian friends for the welcome of others. We hiked up Kennesaw mountain, cooked dinner and hung out with friends. At this poiint despite having a lovely vacation like experience i think we were getting antsy for more shows.

2-18 WE had to leave atlanta, it was great and hospitable but we needed the sound fury again.We once again got to the dive bar venue with plenty of time. Ah, the springwater supperclub. This place was too much. We were not sure who if anyone else was playing, noone was much help, we saw the giant parthanon and took advantage of our last opportunity to eat BBQ by doing just that.This was looking bleak, no one was there when the Mattoid showed up. We were to be sharing the stage with him tonight what followed was vaugelly surreal. us and the 2 man folk mattoid took turns playing short sets to crowds varying from just eachother to a whopping 6 people. This is just one of those tour nights that happen from time to time. The Bar was really cool, they even gave us some cash from the register. We saw it as a practice and played nearly every song we have, i even busted a string when we closed our 3rd and final set on the New Elvis. Valle of the Mattoid was really cool. We made a new friend and found a place to crash with the Barbarian friendly Nasville resident, Stephanie.

2-19- Okay, now it's like a tour, we left Nashville late after grabbing some grub and raced up to The highlight of the "Endless retreat" Tour, Lemp arts center in St. Louis. Just after unpacking we raced out with The ultimate Barbarian, lemp founder mark and others for some vietnamese. We rode on the "crazy seat" and dined in the "bad room" before racing back to lemp for the show. The challenge of the night was to get 3 bands on and off from 9pm to 11. The unfeasable became impossible as another band was added when there show fell through up the street. A word about the other bands, Both corbeta corbata and openers The Adversary workers are really great bands. The bill was terrific, the added pop punk band was not but hey, that's okay. Our performance was actually a bit rocky. I had built up this show in my mind and when the time came to play, i felt tired and stressed due to time constraints. Audibly it was good but i felt inhibitted and in the end frusterated. That night i sort of crashed and had a tough time.

2-20- we said good bye to mark and st. louis vowing to return and headed to louisville to repeat the 1-2 punch of our last tour. We got to the rud, met humongous and settled in. We were to go on first out of the 2 bands but we all opted tpo set up planning to play together in the end of the night. We played great, i tried to exercise the frustration and bad vibes from a fight j.z. and i had earlier in the day. It was a nice show, The large crowd dug it and even asked for an encore. Humongous followed us up with their shambolic multi instrument assault and the room quickly developed into a big party. we joined them on stage to close the night with this huge impromptu noise jam it was quite nice. more later....

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