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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

30 Earth years, bushwick blast, will the real Bunny brains please step foreward.

Alot has gone down since i wrote anything to this little Blog. First and foremost on a personal note, I turned 30. That's in human/earth years anyway, Yeah.... I don't really know what to make of it. I guess i don't feel all that different, life goes on as normal. If i stop and reflect it certainly does seem like a significant thing. Time really does fly or whatever other cliche seems aplicable but it really is true, these last 5 years since I've landed here from the outer reaches have really ripped by. Never thought i'd be here this long. well see what life tosses me in the next few....
We were a part of the Bushwick blast festival this past weekend. It was really very nice, maybe one of the coolest events we've been involved with recently. The organizers (dr k. of Drayton Sawyer gang and The asterisk arts folks) were all super cool. The festival itself went off very nicely, good crowd, good response, great vibe. the whole thing was a success. Made me remember the Commute fest I put together 2 summers ago only this one went off a bit better. I'm just really glad anytime there is a big event thrown together off the beaten path a bit featuring not well known bands and people still come. It's nothing new to see a big crowd at some mercury lounge showcase but to get a great crowd 5 stops out on the L train in an industrial section of Bushwick for little known bands is a really nice thing to see. We played well and really had a great time bringing the sound fury to a receptive audience that was'nt hundreds of miles away.
Now to our next show at Lit Lounge, that's right... After an 8 month break from manhattan we return to the rock to try our lucjk again. Ben quick is coming in from pitt. and we're very happy to play with them. I was extatic when Bunnybrains said they would also play that show. I had visions of a well attended, rockin' show. Then a few weeks ago another member, the leader of Bunny brains contacted the club owner and told him that the real BB were not booked and that a spin off band was coming instead under the name of Bunny brains. If you're confused, i can't blame you, i still havn't figured out what went down but after a series of complex, and convoluded emails between all 4 parties BB in any incarnation found themselves off the bill. Once again it was the case of booking the night blues for yours truly, i havn't had a show go off without some cmplication in sometime now This was pretty dissapointing, i'd looked foreward to playing with the scuzz punk/noise legends and will attempt to do so in the future now that i know where the real BB are, OR DO I

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