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Monday, May 17th, 2004

what the???

Well, these updates are becoming less and less frequent, something i really need to work on. There has been some nice stuff since i last wrote something here. I guess The busy april was a good time. Benquick came to town and despite some serious automotive drama with a falling apart trailer and a freezing ignition, they carried on like the rock n' roll animals they are. Our show at lit was fun, we were sort of pushed on stage but settled into our set and like wine, got better with age. Benquick played a nice sweaty show and the small crowd seemed into the rock... The next day, we saw a bit of industrial brooklyn and some neighborhood cheap eats before heading north east to the whaling city.
It's always nice to play in new bedford to see the earth bound ZorTonians and feel the human love. We played great, the bill musically proved to be more out there than i'd expected which was great for us but left benquick out a bit which i felt bad about. We parted ways and stayed at Eric Zortons house. The next day, the call of NYC duty had to be answered which meant i had to work for 5pm. It was an exausting but very pleasant mini-tour with our pittsburgh pals.

THE Next week, we were back at it. Thur. we headed to our favorite providence haunt, AS220 and were part of a great noisy, well attended rockin' show. We played on the floor and watched out for pa feedback, made some friends and headed out on the long road to Louisville, ky. What can i say about Louisville on Derby weekend??? It was a truly pleasant time. We endured an unrelenting 17 hour push from providence to get there. By the time Jesse and i stopped for halftime at a Pa. denny's for a bit of belly fuel we were well out of our heads from fatigue. giddy banter, eggs, coffee and hillarious laughter later we took our tired freakshow away, spilled back on the road to push foreward. That night we arrived at our pal's "the humongous compound" to play a small but nice house part show. We were both well tired and thanked the laid back atmosphere, we were able to show our softer side and pulled out some oldies, and slowies. Once in awhile, Barbarian light can be refreshing...The rest of the weekend saw nice backyard BBQ'S, house parties, pleasant conversation and leisure, nice. It was also the first time the now semi famous national hero "SMARTY jones" caught everyone's attention. The ride back saw Becka ZorTon helping out with the driving while i caught up on my beauty sleep to be fresh for, you guessed it.... Work.

Since getting back, i've once again had a bit of a hard time, We've been unable to practice due to our overhauling of the basement for soundproofing and there isn't anything on the horizen for shows. Work has become huge since our 2nd restaurant opened (70 hours last week).. Good thing barbarians need not sleep!!! Anyway, all will improve, The new restaurant will setlle down, i've just started to try to fill up the show schedule again and the practice space should be done soon. We're taking on the US again in august. Nice reviews and some not so nice have kept on coming. Spread the word, this is the year of the Barbarian

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