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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

it's been a ridiculous

amount of time since i've updated this. Welcome to what is becoming the monthly update. What can i say folks?? even the greatest writers/workers hit dry spells.The good news is that the lack of Blog enteries is not reflective of the MDUB Production as a whole. We've actually been able to get into a pretty regular practice schedule as of late and have produced some new stuff and polished up some of the newer stuff that was a tad sloppy, even for our loose standards. some of the newer stuff is really strong and I'm looking foreward to breaking it out in a live setting.

Rock n' roll super hero and Barbarian friend, The torch Marauder is due to come up in just over a week. We've booked a show at this local Bar called "east river" here in Williamsburg. iT'll be fun indeed, we're breaking the dry spell we've had for the past few months, it'll be nice to bring the noise in a live setting again. There is a chance it may be one of those, play for 15 minutes before getting shut down things, but we'll take our chances. The Torch and friends the Negatones will raise the bar that night, the rock madness should commence nicely. It's the best $3 ticket in town....

J.Z. and myself have kicked tour plans into Turbo mode after mutually snoozing for a bit too long. Considering the late start in actually contacting/planning, things have been shaping up nicely. At this point, more than half of our shows are confirmed. The planning gets easier and easier, the problem is that I get starting later and later each time I plan these things so it kind of evens out so that it's still a hectic thing, trying to piece our travels together. I'm really looking foreward to getting out there, seeing old friends and tightening up as a band, Each time out, the Sound Fury grows, becomes stronger and more delicious... With the new and improved expanding repetoire there is nothing we can't do.

of course all this comes at the inconvinience of work and more importantly, co-workers. Working in a small place, others have to pick up the slack of me taking off for x amount of time, It puts a direct amount of strain and obligation on their schedules and lives, this is something that I don't always feel great about. There is a certain element of stress that creeps in when i plan to pursue this great music dream at how my doing what i want to do directly effects others. To remain happy with things myself though, I do need to go away on these tours, i do need to put others out. After all I'm a zor-ton, that's what we are here to do.

In general, as a whole, I think i'm doing better. The month of May was pretty tough, I slipped into auto-pilot as i worked away with out paying much attention to anything else. Battles of me against me were fairly common as days off went wasted along with large chunks of time, It was not a happy month for me. For the past few weeks i've been working my way out of this funk. It's been pretty touch and go, some good days, some bad but on the whole, i've been getting more done and been feeling better about things. Planning a tour or big event like this always helps. It gives you a purpose and a direction. It gives you a reason to keep things/life in motion. These things help prevent the day today life from becoming a floating blur of the mundane.

To End, the great yuki zor-ton is due to visit in 2 weeks which is fabulous. It's so nice to have familiar faces and good friends visit. This neighborhood has changed soo much since I've landed here, it can be a very disorienting and recently alienating place sometimes. I feel very out of touch with my surroundings as they are constantly in flux with a newer, younger, richer populace filling the streets. Anyway, it's nice to see old friends especially when they are your bestest. it's always nice to set the mental clock back and interact with people who know you and let nostalgia help you feel a part of a place again.d.z

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