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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

dangerous tour

Ahh, now that i got my rant out, let's turn to a more self consumed, hardly as important set of issues.. The tour, we leave for our 3rd tour in a year in about 3 weeks. At this point, it's looking pretty great. The funnily sketchy part of the planning has been the beginning weekend. As of right now, according to confirmed shows we will start our tour in st. louis on a monday, taxing. I love st.louis and all but it'd be nice to not have to drive 1000 miles to kick off the tour. From then on, things are looking really good, we've got some great shows lined up and very few things still up in the air. Even for that beginning weekend, i'm not worried, we have so many possibilities, maybe's and we'll sees that i'm convinced it's all going to work out nicely.
Our show the other night with the Torch Marauder went alright, we were able to get a good crowd out between all the bands to see the torch.. He put on a great show as usual and i think that he definatly saved a little part of rock n' roll. We played last because of anxieties involving noise issues and the space and not wanting the show to get shut down before the torch could do his thing. good number of folks had left and Team zor-ton wavered on the fine line of pushing on or cutting our losses. The mission had been accomplished, torch had played but we decided to venture out anyway...slightly Inhibited reserved and quiet was how we brought the MDUB. sometimes barbarian light is how it's gotta go. debuted a new song which was nice. that's the last show we'll play until we hit the road in august.
Yuki arrives in 3 days, yay. that's it for now. d

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dangerous times

I'm really not trying to push forward any screaming rhetoric here but the state of this country's political climate is really alarming me as of late. I said awhile ago that i cannot see our prez George w. relenquishing power. I can not see him allowing anything to dissrupt his present reign. Here's the deal, I know almost no one who feels he has done a good job/will vote for him yet we still get the fact reported that the nation is closely divided between him and kerry Which i can accept because i probably travel in circles that are a bit left of center. but let's just consider where these polls are coming from, who's reporting the news and who's cutting their checks ect.... alot of these big businesses who own the networks want g.w. to continue on because it's good for business, it's lining their pockets with defense contracts ect.. as long as we're dropping bombs, using jets ect, we've got to build or repair more, someone gets rich from this...

Regardless of all the different conspiracy theories, arguments ect.. of 9-11 that are floating around i think that stating that this administration did indeed manipulate the fear that stemmed from that to create an insane patriotism, us against them mentality that enabled them to push us into inading 2 nations is not up for debate. never did we see so many american flags and now the reality of everything has creeped in and made things very ugly for the bush administration. we've lost nearly 900 soldiers in iraq with no end in sight. these completly lame ideas of our invading/occupying armies being welcomed with open arms as we destroy their infastructure and shock and awe them with "precise bombing" has come to pass as a pipe dream. Abu gharif didn't help the image of us as friendly liberators and as i think everyone could resonably guess the prison violations were probably not the only humanitarian attrocites that have been going on with our tax dollars. i think all of this history is nothing new.. my conclusion is that the bush administration has lost it's grasp on the american public and i think that more people are getting angry at this stink that comes from washington. The recent news that is inspiring this tangent is recent reports from Tom ridge that state that al quada is planning a large scale attack to dissrupt the democratic process and the most recent proposal that the voting date could be postponed should said attack occur. This really smells, i'm not the biggest conspiracy theorist but this really rubs me the wrong way. I feel like after a boost in popularity stemming from fear Bush can feel things slipping away and I put nothing past this way too powerfull administration from keeping their self interested party going despite the toll on everyone else. I've never voted before, it's nothing i'm proud of but even if their are burning embers falling from the sky I'll vote against him, we should keep the polls open. i really hope this proposition doesn't fly because if it does my guess is we recieve a terror attack, ughhh!!

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