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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

continuing on....

- sorry, i had to break off earlier an intense nausea overtook me.. okay back to the 7th- After sleeping in, on the sticky floor (too cold outside). We got up and grabbed some food and cleaned up from the late night before. Gary (who runs the space) was nice enough to let us play another night there. The second show was not as good, we felt a bit out of synch, went on early and struggled through a short set. We stuck around and took in the other acts. Dan deacon was a highlight for me. Once again, an Ugly fight broke out but the noise continued latelate. We ironically saw bunny brains 88 who were there to share in the madness. House noise troupe no-fi finished it off with a punishing set that ended at 4:30 am. Once again, it was roof time for Team Zor-Ton.

08-08-04- This was a day off, We had alot of ground to cover in the next two days. after breaking bread with bunny brains 88 we said good bye to the folks at the rat ward and left virginia heading west. Although we thouroughly enjoyed our stop in hampton, the 2 days were a trip, it felt like we'd been touring for a week. We called ahead to our pal natalie in louisville and after a long haul pulled into her house after midnight. Later, in regards to that night Jesse joked that he had to purge The Ratward from his system now that we were surrounded by the creature comforts of Nat's like fresh beds and the sound of chirping crickets.

08-09-04- We left Natalie's after sleeping late without even laying eyes on her. We got to Lemp early Met the other bands and played 3rd of 4 bands. It was kind of a slow night there. Mark was away which was really different. It was sort of a tough night, I think we played well and we were able to see a few St.louis pals. That night we went to a late night breakfast joint and recieved the live cd recording of the last time we played there, that will be released later in the year.

08-10-04- Got up, grabbed breakfast at our traditional st.louis B-fast spot, The riverside and headed on to Madison, Wi. We found the slipper club and met up with old pals Colony of watts who helped us get the gig there. Before our show, we grabbed some food (us being the hungriest band in america, must be the alien blood!!) at an irish bar next door to the club. There, jesse, me and todd of c.o.w ate Fish sandwiches as gay men sang karaoke in the background. The show was great, we played very well, there was a decent crowd. V9R9D And cOlony of watts both really rocked, it was a great show. The end of the night, we got paid well which was much needed after poor financial showings in previous nights and the day off. mAD props to the club, Jeanette and jack of the slipper club were way cool. Jack even repaired my ailing bass when i could'nt get any sound out of it. While loading out, i took a freak spill down the stairs but my thick skin absorbed the punishment. We once again stayed with our good pals Steve and cecilly in Madison. This was the sort of half way point...

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Mid tour update

I once again update the blog mid tour from the MDUB escape compound in lovely madison, wi. Jesse and I have been out for 6 days now, this tour has been pretty loco thus far. Preceding times in brooklyn were both spectacular and hectic. To Make a long few weeks short, Both of my ears became blocked due to this alien pollution of the big apple resulting in very limited hearing and some not so pleasant feelings of being out of place in every conversation and interaction. when ever something like that happens and then you regain your abilities 100 percent it really makes you appreciate the thing you lost. The visit with Y.Z WAS just so nice, much needed and made me feel very alright with people again. She split the day before we left on tour, so the days leading to our departure snuck past us and actually getting prepared was a trick..

8-06, aS history would show, we as a band do not do well with getting on the road early, often times the hardest part of our tour will be getting on the road in the first place. We left NYC at about 2:30 to race to our show in Hampton, va. After a long arduos journey on the lengthy, coast hugging route 13 we arrived at the Rat ward at about 10pm, late. The scene we walked in on was quite loud, pulsing strobe lights and drum machine, distorted karoake with folks dancing it up. We were to go on immediately, set up and played a rather frenzied out of control set, complete with backing strobe light and face to face with the crowding crowd, very nice.. the reaction was great, we sold some cds, met some great folks and took in some other acts. soon, the hunger from the long drive caught up with us and we slit to grab some late night earth food. When we got back to the house, the show was over. Apparently, a rumble had ensued in the kitchen and the 2nd day of the 4 day fest. had been ended early. Jesse and i retreated to the roof to sleep.


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