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Friday, November 12th, 2004

so many things

to write about, it is actually a bit overwheming. I'm enjoying a nice night off, it is rainy and miserable in Brooklyn so i find myself warming up, huddled over a computer surrounded by strangers doing the same. My computer went down months ago after being ressurected from it's first crash by my friend Will who like my computer headed south for the winter. Speaking of heading south....(on To the USA) As many of you know, my frantic email on the night of the election returns proved to be right on and G.W. Is gearing up for his second term. It's not just that I feel like the worst man won. I am actually quite fearfull of the global ramifications of his presidency. That's right, the U.S. is writing an autobiography called "hated" and ultimately can you really blame the rest of the world for their contempt???

work has had crazy moments lately with the sheer volume of hours clocked in. My debilitating heel pain has subsided a little. Pretty much from around the tour in august until now, it has been a bit brutal. As far as the band goes, things after my self induced coma seem to be coming along. We will be breaking our silence either in Dec. or Jan. but regardless it looks like there will be a slew of shows thereafter. Upon getting back from tour i sort of slipped into a " WHAT NOW" spell that has been hard to get out of. The basement/practice space is finished which was also a problem for us but neighbors have been good under a sonic assault since commencing a normal practice schedule 2 weeks ago. Another recent setback was when i pulled off a stunningly lame move and left my Bass outside upon coming home from Practice on Nov. 1st. Needless to say, i didn't realize my error until it was too late. Hopefully whoever scooped up the old battle axe will use it well to bludgeon their message home. I purchased a new "tool of glory" that is ready for the sound fury, The new bass seems louder than the old, i am ready to unleash it. unfortunatly, also in the bass bag was new lyrics that i've since had to rework, this was more upsetting than losing the old bass itself. well folks, that'll be it for now, we are still alive and well under the bridge planning our next move.

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

What a nightmare!!!!!

WEll, it's just past midnght in NYC and it looks like it's gonna be tough for our man J. Kerry to pull this one out. THis is truly sad, i Mean this in it's truest form, this is really quite sad... Almost unbelievable. I hope he can pull out a Red sox-esque comeback but it doesn't look good. Dumb america seems to speaking loud and clear "pull the wool over our eyes, paint the world in destructive little kid terms, take away personal freedom all in the name of "security"" truly sickening. i've been bad about updating due to downed comp. and hectic life, seems like there might be nice days for intrespection to come. Take care folks, it's really tooo bad.

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