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Monday, January 17th, 2005

New Year is here

NYC still stands after another ball has dropped, there really is way too much to fill this blog in on. well, the "Year of the Barbarian" went out with a bit of a wimper... After a huge beginning 8 months mDUB limped over the finish line with wispers of how the year began.We were able to muster up a show with pals, Temple of Bon Matin in Philadelphia which was nice, we worked off a bit of the rust that had been building up on The barbarian machine, what?? My new years was pretty nice, low key but nice, kind of glad to have the holidays come to a close. It's nice to be able to get out town, see loved ones ect.. But i also find the hustling around a bit exausting, bus sleep never counts as real rest! Despite a lame ending to "the year of the Barbarian" we had logged in 25 shows in 2004 before it had come to a close.
The new year came and there was the tsunami disaster, which is of course tragic/frightening. I wanted to do something to help but still havn't. The relevance of the event seems to be slipping from the american concience and mine with it. I really should give something though before we're all caught up in the next OJ, Tanya harding, scott peterson, elian gonzales specatacle of the moment.
MDUB has started the "Year of the money #2" in stellar fashion, we played a great show in providence with the Fantastic frantic noise of "spheres" and others and then just on Sat. played at the Asterisk art space here in Brooklyn. The show was great, all the bands were amazing and there was a good crowd as well. We played well, for the first time in years local free jazz icon Daniel carter joined us to bring the chaos, we were well recieved and our playing together has picked up where it left off years ago, before we were even naming our years!! This was the biggest show I put together in a few years and it went off very nicely, New Bedford represented in a big way and our ties to some local bands seems to be getting cozier, which is nice. Imagine an actual musical community in Dog eat Dog NYC. i'm in the process of putting together some smaller stuff in the near future. Next weekend, we head back to Providence to be a part of another huge noise meltdown, 2005 is trucking along nicely. That's it for now, just a short update to keep this ailing blog somehat alive

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