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Friday, June 17th, 2005

okay, no excuse

It's been awhile, and there is nothing i can really say as a good excuse as to why that is, so to cop out, that's the way it is??/ Anyway, jeez, mucho to fill this Blog in on. The year of the money #2 (2005) is well on it's way to being a smashing (albeit not financially speaking) success. We went back on the assault after returning to life as usual in the second half of last year and we have had a very active first part of this year. Yet another tour is in the works for July and it is filling up really nicely. at this point there is only 1 day off in 16 which we're not sweating because sometimes it's alright to veg out on the road w/ no show to get to. The route has us charting a very similar route as past tours have had us traveling. iT's out to Minnesota (the furthest west we've ventured) and then south all the way to god ole' hotlanta, back up the east coast and home. It seems that everytime out, it's easier as the feeling that we're slowly bulilding something continues. Things on the home front have been going alot better. For a bit we were becoming very discouraged w/ playing our own town which is not a great feeling but these first 6 months have been very fruitfull. I've been booking alot of shows and we've been meeting more like minded/ non snobby (not easy in NYC) bands to rock with. Both the Wobblies and the Drayton sawyer gang are some of the most interesting and generally nice bands in the local scene and it's been a pleasure to have been playing w/ them so often. One of the highlights in recent times was the 2 night providence/ nyc showdowns that myself and Brad of prov. band, the Butcherings put together in mid may. 8 bands converged on each city on back to back nights. The general feel of these shows was very supportive/ open/ fun. Kind of trying to get music shows to lighten up a bit in these fashionable times.
Other highlights on a personal level have been a much reduced work schedule allowing me a bit more time for "the music thing". I became freed from an increasingly heavy burdensome job in the end of April, it was almost hard to believe i was freed from my mounting work weeks and it was difficult to walk away. A bit of vacation time has been had. Short trips taken, horse racing watched and followed alot of which has been with the great company of my new ughmmm"gal pal" Rose. I feel a new appreciation of the city, a new curiosity for this place, all it has to offer, all that i hav'nt seen, don't know. I've also been writing some lyrics, new songs have been coming down the pipe and i've been starting to get antsy to put some of this new madness down for the records...The big takeover continues, it's just slow is all but it's happening. Things are good and hey, there's been a break in the weather.

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