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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

but before the tour update.......

Hey everyone, we got back from tour safe and sound. There are so many people to thank, so many tales to tell, so many that the task is rather intimidating... As has been the case in the past, i just don't know if my fingers will fdind there way to the keyboard to update this little blog on our 15 shows, all the ups, downs and middles, the cast of charecters, bands, dive nars, ect. I'll try to get there, but you, the readers of this little blog must be patient to hear the trials and triumphs from this barbarian.

okay, since getting back, things have been pretty alright, spending time w/ rose (yeah) and returning to work (boo) but hey, that new amp won't buy itself. We prepared for our big return show athe bar169 on aug 13th. I promoted this one and it was a solid bill. all the bands were great. It was drayton sawyer gang's big return w/ a drummer and they slayed the crowd, we did pretty well although due to many recent shows that you'll soon read about, my amp just isn't cutting it in alot of these rooms we've been playing. the night was great, and our pals, Ultrabunny came in to bring the night home, they battered the audience w/ a full on trance inducing sensory overload. for 20 min. before the bar tender pulled the plug on the night at 2:20 in the morning. a bad ending to a solid night. i'm feeling pretty spent by tour and alot of shows i've been promoting lately. We head to providence to tangle w/ mahi mahi this week, then i set up a show for them the next night here and then a much needed break until oct. Not that i don't like setting up shows, but on almost every show that is put together there is a flakey band back out, club owner meltdown or other miscelaneous curve ball. I love putting shows together for the love of the music, a great bill, an entertaining night, but it is NEVER that simple. on top of all my complaints this city is becomming more and more impossible to host a $5 show now. I love the idea of the $5 dollar show, but the reality is getting bleak, Every venue takes from the door to varying degrees, even those that didn't 6 months ago are now. This leaves the bands fighting for the scraps of what's left. I can't blame the venues though, they need to make rent, we're all victims of the real estate vice grip, things are just getting rougher for alot of folks now. gotta go, more soon.

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