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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Okay, before all of that touring becomes ancient history, i'm going to finally attempt to rehash some of the madness that was mdub on the road for 2.5 weeks. It all started out in providence ( as all good things should ). We were lucky enough to land on the as220 20th aniversary festival which was a much anticipated kick off show. We got to providence with out incedent and to our delight saw that empire street was pretty well mobbed w/ an all day music/ arts fest. that is free to the public. We spent the afternoon checking out some other acts. I was in sensory overload at all the people and the fact that in a few short hours we'd probably be playing to our biggest crowd. Tiny hawks played right before us. they were really exciting, great, fun ect.. The recently renovated room was packed w/ humanity in one sweaty grooving mass. We took the stage afterwards. Due to the switching stages, the room was nearly empty when we first started making noise. Soon though folks started to shuffle in. and by the end there was a really good, responsive crowd. The heat was stiffling, many bodies, no air flow and a 90+ day = an exausting sweat drenched exorcism of a performance. between as220 and our dissopinting show kickoff the night before in brooklyn, my voice was near shot and the tour was underway. We stuck around, took in lightnin bolt's mad frezy right on empire street and the fest was capped by mahi mahi's late night set. rose had come up from brooklyn w/ a friend for the show and the 4 of us headed back to our pals from sheres' house to crash. After some of 7-11's best culinary offerings we sacked out on the floor and drifted off to slumberland w/ a very nice day behind us.

7-17- We woke up fairly early , pretty exausted from the long day before, said our farewells to providence after a quick bite and headed west to pittsburgh. The drive from providence to pitt. is long and rough, our start was not as early as we wanted it to be and we were racing through occasional thunderstorms that popped up across the broad geography of the keystone state. We knew pretty early on that we were going to be cutting it close for our show at garfield artworks. At 7:30pm my worst fears were realized after a call to the promoter, manny to tell him of our progress was met w/ an agitated response. We pulled up to the venue just over an hour later and soon discovered that there was no one there except for our friend dave as a paying customer. The headlining act was set up ready to play, the opener had played and it was not even 9pm. After some discussion, we elected not to play and by 9:30 pm the venue was closing it's doors, truly amazing. Pittsburgh is a ghost town on sundays. The odd evening was about to get odder as we headed away from the artworks to dave's house.

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