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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Random tour update.. late

Well, first off, i now have internet access in my room which bodes well for my pocket (damned internet lab) and for this little overview of all things Barbaric. now, back to the seemingly less relevant tour update. last we left off we had come down from an astounding high (as220 fest) to a classic mdub defeat (garfield artworks) . When in pittsburgh, the only thing that smoothes over the repeated beatings we've recieved there is a trip to pimanti bro's sandwhich shop. This is an Iron city institution, heaping sandwhiches stuffed with fries, coleslaw pickles and your choice of whatever artery clogging main attraction, Truly delicious, a taste of local flavor for any nomad passing through. So, after our traditional gorging, we headed to dave's where we were then sucked into the dark chasm of rough, underground pop culture, Bum fights and pizza hut training videos whiped our alien brains clean of any thoughts of resistance to images of overly cheery service industry drones and gratuitous acts of violence all played infront of the camera. The effect was that of passing a bad car wreck, when you just can't not look. The Zor-Ton clan lost a bit of itself in that apt. that night. Good conversation and company was abound but the videos, they'd taken their toll. 7-18 awoke, broke fast w/ our gracious host, dave and headed out to our next show. We were a bit down about missing the last show given the fact that we had a planned day off on the 19th. We headed to cicinatti, got there very early and drove around desolate downtown . we couldn't find the venue so we browsed around all the old dusty shop windows, Spied decrepit once fancy hotels and lunch counters. The whole place seemed like it was in a time warp. The rust of the rust belt is definitly showing in cinci. Coincidentally, we met a band we were playing with at a pizza shop in town. 9 Volt haunted house from cleveland. the venue finally opened to a very jazzy looking upstairs lounge. Gabe, the promoter had things just right, the night was very well attended for a monday, other bands(9volt, 1000 arms) were good. The show's start time was opposite to that of the night before. 9volt didn't even start until 10pm. By the time we played, the room had emptied a bit. Response was mixed. I think we played well, but a home run was not to be had. We left club crush and went to gabe's after show dj gig at a place called the Golden lion. We navigated the sketchy streets of cinci ourselves, pretty dodgy. The golden lion had a birthday jam in full swing, surreal. We left the venue to drop off some equipment at gabe's practice space, A warehouse by the bustling commercial railroad station. The whole drive to the space and during our drop off there, the tracks let out creepy sqeek that filled the night air with sounds of grinding metal. We left the industrial soundtrack and a burgeoning alphalpha sprout farm in the warehouse basement behind and headed to Gabe's house, It was 4 am, we crashed.

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