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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

alfred rocks, broken earth, mdub and vegas

Alfred, NY and Adam M. ( our hook up there) Rock our Barbarian minds to their rotten cores. This past weekend, we MDUB had a memorable, wild weekend w/ local Heros the Drayton SAwyer gang as both we and them headed upstate for a few dates away from the big apple. We played a show in Rochester which was nice and then headed to the 1 stop light town of alfred, ny. We played a house party there, that for us, definitly ranks in the top 5 most satisfying shows we've had. The kids went completly crazy for the music, the energy was contagious and completly draining and inspiring at once. Great show. THANKS ADAM, tHANKS ALFRED.

we've completly trashed this planet, it's getting harder to deny that fact. I can't even blame the human race, we've basically done the inevitable. Our big brains have enabled us to change, manipulate our surroundings for our comfort, convinience and survival. We've done away w/ predatorial threats a long time ago and continued to breed like crazy, stretching resources to the max. i feel like the road warrior stage is just around the bend. Mother nature is the only thing that can keep our over running of the planet in check, we know the black bear isn't going to do it. How's about those 50-60 degree january days? "lovely weather" Says the news caster, "beautiful day" is what they say. How people could still say things aren't heading south is beyond me. For all those folks sporting their t-shirts in january just because they can, i wouldn't mind smashing your a/c in when that brutal july rolls around. Gear up people, it's not going to be fun.

Yeah, that tour update will, more than likely not be finished before a year is out. MDub goes well, i think we're actually gearing up to record ( about time) a few shows loom in the near future. a great show that's been filled w/ complications in feb. and a mini-tour w/ SHLSHKD in march. we return to Bar 169 in what seems like the last chance for us and that place. previous experiences have been less than great there but we're giving it another shot. we at least know there will be good bands there etc since shlshkd is putting it on..

Went To Lovely Las Vegas w/ Rose a bit ago. Classic trip, american excessivness seen 1st hand, we saw the amazing Hoover dam, an incredible structure that should be seen 1st hand to be appreciated. In it's thinnest, it's 60 feet thick, at it's thickest, 600+ it'll be there for 1000 more years. The casinos/resorts of vegas are huge, public space is aplenty and one can apprecite the hugeness by wandering around the cavernous lobbies. It's great just to get out of the city for a bit. We both got immersed in the experience. it was a great christmas gift from her. viva las vegas. that's all for now. d.z

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