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Friday, February 17th, 2006

warm it up, the adminstrations blunder

A little line on what's been going onj outside of MDUB land. that's right folks, january 2006 was the warmest january sincew we've been keeping track of those things. the weather in general has been as fickle and scizophrenic as possible. We had a monster snow storm earlier this week ( our 1st real one this year!) that dumped 2 feet on the city. several 50+ degree days that followed have melted it right quick, the follow up punch being these all too prevalent spring like rain storms ( one of which we're having now). it all just seems a bit strange, like the earth is just trying to tell us something.

Dick Cheney sprayed a texas millionaire big wig hunting buddy of his w/ birdshot while the 2 were out on a hunting trip on a Texas ranch. First things first, accidents do happen and the incedent is too bad. From a political standpoint, i'm pretty happy though. This is this administrations very concrete blunder. You can not minse words or change facts w/ the fact that the vice president shot another man and w/ out the proper texas licenses to boot...This is like Dan quails mispelling of potato w/ that spelling whiz kid, it's like Bill clinton getting caught w/ his pants down, it's George H.W's vomiting on the Japanese dignitary.

george W bashed into a dutch cop on his bicycle sending the man to the hospital earlier in his term as president, that didn't resonate w/ the american people. Cheney blasting another man w/ birdshot, that's something that'll stick. It's unfortunate that these things matter to the public at all but if it is something that'll take from these clowns popularity then i'll take that however it comes. The fact that this administration won 2 dubious elections, has hacked and slashed peoples benefits, racked up an enormous insurmountavble national debt, is fighting a completly insane unwinable war while slashing veterans benefits, wire tapping it's people, opening foreign mail doesn't seem to matter to us. Although the list reads like a how to list of attaining a fascist state people just want hear about human blunders. The country is going down the toilet and if it takes one texas millionaire to get birdshot lodged in his neck to awaken the zomboid american populace to that fact then that's just fine w/ me.

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Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Last night, recording soon.

Just a quick line, thanks to everyone for coming out last night, the show was a pleasure, very well attended. All the bands were great as i knew they'd be. An over all enjoyable, supportive, no B.S. kind of night which is a relief. Big props to the cake shop, i've not had a single negative experience w/ them. Which is a very rare thing w/ venues in nyc. They are basically one of the most performer friendly venues in town.

On the 22nd we will be recording our upcoming full length. It has taken me way too long to produce enough material for an album but we are ready and i think it'll be worth the wait when it's all said and done... We return to our roots as JaY Braun steps in to once again use his enginering wonders on our sound. I'm very much looking forward to this. Big love, MDUB

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